Adulting is hard…

Hello Xos. Today, let's talk about Adult-ing. Lets face it, it's hard, there is no manual on how to do it and most of us walk around just acting if we have it all together. We do not. I think as children we all had unrealistic expectations of what adulthood entailed. Let's face it, it… Continue reading Adulting is hard…

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XO He Proposed To Me

Dear XOs, I want to share a bit of personal information with you. I want to give you the 411,so come close. So, my best friend of 4 years proposed to me. Jinkies. Seriously though, I couldn't be much happier but let me tell you, if someone had told me 4 years ago that this was going to be the man I fell in love with I would have slapped them. XOs the world is not level, as a matter a fact the world isn't round and this man surely spun my world round and round.


XO The Good, The Bad and The Mean Green

I've been known to knock back a couple gross looking green smoothies and green juices while friends and family gag and scream in the background. I seriously enjoy telling someone what's in my drink, why you ask? Because its fascinating. Oh, the facial expressions I get when I tell them the ingredients. You see, I'm a 'juicehead' as I call myself. Friends and family can attest to praying for me when I say hey its time for a Juice Fast or Reboot. I simply can't understand how adults scold children to always eat their vegetables but when I, a grown woman say I drink my fruit and vegetables, I'm suddenly alien.


XO The Kinda Etiquette Necessary (well, maybe not so much)

  Have you ever been to a really fancy event and felt incredibly out of place? Do you have the kind friends who you consider 'proper'? You know, those friends who are well travelled, speak a bunch of languages, they never put their elbows on the dining table and are just always up to date on… Continue reading XO The Kinda Etiquette Necessary (well, maybe not so much)