I’m Mieann. Wait, that’s not my real name but that’s another story. I should tell you that a couple persons have told me my parents should have named me something more suitable like “Sunshine” or “Rainbow”. LOL. I probably should explain the name. My parents gave me a pretty generic name. Quite frankly, I have about 3 cousins baring the same name as me; so being the witty 13 year old I was I went on a search for a name which no one had. I wanted my name to express my individuality. Eureka, I created Mieann (which is pretty much letters from my names).
I’d like to say this blog is going to be mainly about beauty or lifestyle or fashion. It’s NOT. Hey, what can I say? I like a lot of stuff. You probably do too. Food, Health, Photography, Makeup, Unsolved Mysteries, Travel, Pink Frilly things….. You get it, just a plethora of interests. I’m currently twenty something, engaged to my best friend, living in the United States but was born in Jamaica. I enjoy romance novels, long walks along the beach and cheesy clichés.

I also have a YouTube channel. Get to know me just a little better Get To Know Me Tag. Also, keep up with me around and about social media:




Snapchat:  xoMzMieann

Hugs and Kisses