Xo: Miss Me, Miss Me. Say That You Miss Me

XOs I have a confession. I’m a hopeless romantic. What’s that? You already knew that? Well I’m just saying it one more time for the people in the back. I am a hopeless romantic. I write love letters, I write love songs, I make love playlists. I simply love love, sue me.

I want to take you back to Christmas of 2016, yes 5/6 months ago, I know I made it sound like a long time. Mr. XO and I had made plans to visit The Big Apple for Christmas (our absolute favorite time of year) but my plans fell through and I convinced Mr. XO it made no sense we both threw away our plans and tickets , so he went I didn’t, trust me big boohoo 😭possibly one of my lesser favorite Christmases ever, but to make the time pass, I decided to keep track of little things and have a surprise waiting for Mr. XO when he arrived back. XOs longest 18 days of my life (minus now).

I wanted to show Mr. XO that I missed him, so what better way than to do a little scavenger hunt. XOs I’m about to break it down and release all the tea, no spilling, cause this isn’t messy at all. Let me first say that Mr. XO’s flight was right on time and he came home and ALMOST spoilt everything LOL, but the good thing was everything was almost ready for him, so I asked him to go back to his car, suitcases and all, just not to spoil everything. I simply asked him to give me 10 minutes, I had onel last touch to put on this hunt, but I couldn’t let him know the magnitude of his surprise, so I put the first part of the hunt on, my last job, then hid away in our bedroom waiting.

  • Part 1 of The Hunt.

I wrote him a note, because every good scavenger hunt starts with an introductory note telling the participant what is about to happen. This was probably the only thing that I didn’t do before Mr. XO caught me off guard. I taped it to the front door and hope and prayed that the strong winds we were experiencing didn’t take it away I’m happy to say, Mr. XO still has it on his wall in his study to this day. I think I also sweetened the pot when I signed it with my future last name.treasure-map-153425_960_720

  • Part 2 of The Hunt

Another note, of course. In the living room, because that’s the next stop, I had used a chair and a series of items to reach the ceiling fan, which I realized was very prejudiced against the under 5’4 club, this is where I put his first of many balloon clues. 🙂 This bright yellow balloon hung where I tagged it “POP ME”. Lol, even though I knew the clues I had set out, hearing the pop of the balloon from my hiding place was just as exciting for me as it must have been for him. Oh did I mention, there was a rose petal path? Yeah. There was a path. This confetti filled balloon contained a note leading him to the next part of the hunt.

  • Part 3 of The Hunt

I sent him to the bathroom. Ah the bathroom, well, the mirror in the bathroom, the mirror in the bathroom which after about Day 7 of his absence I could no longer see my own face. I had left pink post its in the shape of a heart, everything that my future husband meant to me, what I believe I wanted to mean to him. After about day 7, I had half a heart and could no longer see myself in the mirror 🙂wp-image-1828040856

  • Part 4 of The Hunt.

I led him to ME. I really didn’t want this long drawn out thing, especially because I knew the anticipation would have killed me and him. Which it did. I could hear every single movement Mr. XO had made, and knew exactly where he was at all times in the hunt. So when he finally came through our bedroom door, I was elated, but the hunt was far from over. For 18 days, I had written what I missed about him the most. So, the last part of Mr. XO’s hunt was to pop 18 balloons to find 18 little notes of what I missed the most since he was gone. Lol, blowing them up was so fun btw, yeah right Lol. I had confetti in each balloon and little Hershey Kisses, just to remind him that, I think he’s sweet.

Yeah, the clean up for that was fun, I had confetti in strange places for days, lol. As stated before, we hadn’t spent Christmas together, so after his balloon popping escapade, I presented Mr. XO with his ‘gift’. A little Christmas wrapped box, tied with a white bow, and if you know me, you know I wouldn’t have made it that easy. I filled the box with 18 pennies and Mr. XO pretended to be happy with his 18 pennies after opening the box, even thanking me so much for them. LOL. I’m marrying the sweetest man I tell you. That was not his present though. Tucked away neatly under those pennies was a custom picture pendant of us. His expression was absolutely worth the hide and seek I played with it.


Xos I pulled out all the stops for my future husband to be. I made him a welcome home dinner fit for the King he is and a baked him cake. I baked him a German Chocolate Cake. Some people who shall not be named…. JoJo and Shandean have dubbed me Betty Homemaker, a role I discovered I really enjoy around the same time I realized I was a hopeless romantic. wp-image-844979002

Its safe to say that I’m going to be that wife who surprises her husband when we are apart for more than a week. Let me reiterate, I love, love and I absolutely adore my best friend, so I make sure to pull out all the stops for him.

Let me know if you XOs wanna try a scavenger hunt like mine. Lets talk soon





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