XO:Scream or Be Slapped

I oftentimes wonder if I came out the womb crying, like most babies. Well I know my mother didn’t have any complications because well, here I am, alive and still kicking. I just sometimes wonder how I came into this world. My mother doesn’t seem to remember if I really cried, she was mainly concerned if I had all my fingers and toes.

You may be wondering why I’m writing about stuff like this and it may be a weird thing to think about. Yeah I do that, I do that a lot. I was thinking about the complete contrast in Baby Mieann than Adult Mieann. You see Baby Mieann was a crier, a very emotional child and Adult Mieann barely ever cries, I get a little emotional here and there, still very empathetic but waterworks especially in the presence of anyone else is just not gonna happen. I couldn’t help but wonder if that’s associated with if I cried when I was born.

Mariah Carey welcomed her twins Moroccan and Monroe to her song Fantasy, I wonder if they were screaming  or they were disciplined enough to appreciate Momma’s good taste in music. Although, most doctors prefer to hear those vocals when you’re born its not completely necessary. They simply have to be breathing properly showing that their lungs are working and no fluid was swallowed while on their way out, but if you don’t cry, you’ll get slapped just to ensure you are ok. XOs did you get slapped on the tushie? You know, that’s what they do to the babies who don’t cry, best way to test out if the baby is breathing and that their vocals cords are good and working. Vocals, that’s the other thing. Despite Adult Mieann’s lack of shyness Baby Mieann was indeed shy and very quiet. Like “speak up please” quiet. Luckily I grew out of that.

There is simply no explainable reason why perfectly healthy babies come out not crying. Lets face it though, birthing is serious work and the baby does most of it. They are allowed to be screaming when they come out, light and crazy sounds all around. Some just don’t though, they come out calm, eyes wide open, no screaming just chill and probably deep in thought. Babies kind of declare their temperament at birth wouldn’t you say? Another reason I kind of think that I may not have cried. According to my mother, I was never a fussy baby.

I cant imagine being in the delivery room and not hearing the baby cry, its kind of expected and the first thing that would come to mind is “Is something wrong?”. That’s kinda where I am right now, I hardly ever cry “Is something wrong?” For the most part I’m OK, life, love, health. I think I’ll save the tears for when life really slaps me on the tushie. If you’re like me, you should too.

66501_1579226475092_3750464_nNever before seen picture of fetus Mieann



6 thoughts on “XO:Scream or Be Slapped

  1. This is something I never really thought about. I know for myself, I dont think I cried much when I was a baby but now I will cry at the drop of the dime. My daughter on the other hand, sheesh! She was kicking and screaming when I delivered her, in my car! She wasnt a big cry baby afterwards, but its another store now that she’s 5. She is the definition of a CRY BABY! I guess she was showing her true colors when she was born huh. LOL.

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  2. Very very interesting, I was probably wondering who think they are bad enough to smack me on day uno…🤔.

    But another nice view of the world through the eyes of the one and only XoMzMieann.

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  3. My mom said I didn’t cry not that she can remember, she had me by herself no doctors, no nurse, no one jus me , she and God and after I was born she passed out for 2 hrs before anyone came. I’m not one for crying and when I see ppl crying now I wonder y they wasting their tears now bet they gonna need it one important day

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