A Dying Love (Chapter 5)

“Will you be my girlfriend?”

She saw his eyes so vividly. Those beautiful hazel eyes, full of nervousness, apprehensiveness, fright and passion. His eyes were the windows to his soul, and this question bared everything to her. Those eyes scared her.

She gasped for air, she had fallen asleep. Her bed was wet and she was sweating bricks, her throat was dry and eyes were heavy. She couldn’t see a thing, pitch black darkness surrounded her. It was then that she  realized she was still in her room. It was all a dream, a memory. She felt around for her phone, 1:02 a.m. It had just been 3 hours, it was still raining outside and she had definitely fallen ill. She struggled to get those words out of her mind, the question he asked her. She swung her legs off the bed unto the floor, cold tiles met her bare feet. She felt weak, her body radiating heat but yet shivered from being cold. After attempting to stand up she immediately regretted it. Her head became a puddle and she tried to steady herself, holding on to the night table, the nearest thing she could reach. Her legs wobbled and her head pounded, she reached for the light switch and turned it on, another regret. The light was too much for her eyes, she squinted while they took a while to adjust. Bria made her way to the bathroom grabbing on to walls to keep herself from collapsing. She took a swig of water and looked in the mirror, the reflection had tear stained cheeks, red rimmed eyes, disheveled hair, her nose was red and in her eyes she looked drained. She opened the medicine chest and took some Advil. She stared at her reflection for a minute, looking at her sorrow filled brown eyes.

Give Me Peace…….

“I don’t even kno who you are.” She whispered, the voice that came out foreign.

She took a moment, while gripping the sink, she closed her eyes, his voice coming to her clear as day.

Will you be my girlfriend?”

She watched his every movement, the way his lips formed the words, her memory now in slow motion. The way his eyes searched hers for an answer. He licked his lips and her eyes followed the motion. Her face must have been blank, because he couldn’t read the expression she had, maybe she had none. He looked so small in that moment, almost childlike. He put both hands on her face.

“Bria, will you be my girlfriend?” His voice sounded even more unsure.

“Yes.” That’s all she managed to get out. He was still quiet “Yes Vaughn, I’ll be your girlfriend” she smiled, the hugest smile she could muster.

He had lifted her off the ground and was spinning her around, he had the most beautiful smile. She felt all warm and tingly inside knowing she was the reason for that smile, she was happy that she made him happy. He set her down and gave her the most dizzying kiss.

She kept her eyes closed. She could still feel his kiss. Bria traced her fingers across her lips, she could still feel his lips against hers. She opened her eyes and he was gone, only the memory of what was remained.

She turned out the lights and stumbled back to bed. She was exhausted, her body felt foreign and her heart was racing. She sat at the edge of her bed in the dark thinking of the dream she had, no, the memory. At this moment she realised how eerily quiet everything was, she was aware of her own deep breathing, the only sounds made were outside, the rain. She slid under the covers, the bed now cold, she looked up out into blackness, a tear escaping her eye.

“God, please. Give me peace.”


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