A Dying Love (Chapter 4)

Definitely In Denial…..


Something had changed. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but something certainly was different.  I hadn’t noticed at first. It was my mother who pointed out that I seemed to have been in a really good mood. Have I always daydreamed like this? Why was I so smiley, uggh. Who is this boy crazed girl? It had to stop.

I couldn’t have possibly given myself anymore mental slaps. My brain was definitely bruised by now. This is crazy, there was no way I suddenly began the boy crazed phase. I was annoyed but I simply couldn’t help it. I’d smile when I thought about him. I smiled when I get a text message from him.

“Bria, get a grip of yourself“. Whispering to myself, I rolled my eyes.

“Ok, so you like him. Its no big deal. Keep your calm and just stay cool.” I gave myself a pep talk to stop gushing over this guy.

Over the last month we had spent every single day chatting. He was an athlete, on the honor roll, adored his mother and little brother. He was kind and smart and passionate. He may have been worth gushing over.

Dinner and a concert had been perfect. He was a gentleman the entire night throughout dinner, and an even better gentleman during the concert. The concert was great, we had so much fun, a little too much if you asked me; so much my feet ached from my heels. While leaving we were laughing and talking about how fun it all was, when he looked over to me concerned.

“Are you ok? You look like your in pain?” His face no longer had the laughter it held a second ago.

“I’m ok, I just overdid it a little and now my feet hurt.” I told him, too embarrassed to admit I was in pain.

I didn’t want him to think I couldn’t handle these heels. Even if they were my highest pair, but I really liked how they accentuated my new found womanly curves. I was visibly wincing with every step, but I just kept reminding myself that the car was just a little further away, I’d live or not. I caught a cramp in my leg and had to stop.

“You know, I could carry you.” He said it with all seriousness and the most genuine smile.

“No, I’m fine.” I straightened up, smiled and took a step but without missing a beat I began to feel myself falling forward.

In that moment, I saw my entire life flash before my eyes, all of it leading up to this date, falling flat on my face, him picking me up, dropping me off at my house and I ignoring him for the absolute rest of my life. The fall never came though, instead I was caught by strong hands and lifted against a firm chest.

“I’ve got you, I’ll always have you.” He whispered sweetly in my ear.

I thought about resisting, had meant to resist actually but before I knew it, we were at the car. He had even opened the door still with me arms and placed me gently in my seat. He pulled my seatbelt and fastened it. That was the moment he stopped and looked me directly my eyes, he swept a piece of hair away from my eye. He slowly and gently ran his hand along my cheek. I was mesmerized. It was as if I couldn’t breath, I was drowning because he as soon as his hand left my cheek I whimpered. I realized I had closed my eyes, held my breath, anticipated the kiss, but it never came. I opened my eyes to smiling hazel ones. He closed the door and went over to his side. We drove in almost silence, soft music on low. I confused and dazed, I couldn’t find any words to say, nothing came to my mind, no diversions to hide my embarrassment. It was rare for Bria Callahan not to have words. Vaughn had taken away my breath and my words, in my head I searched for logic. I don’t like him that much, I lied to myself.

I was definitely in denial.