A Dying Love (Chapter 3)

“If you kiss me now, your gonna want to kiss me forever”. I smiled, not knowing the effect of my words.

“Is that so?” His hazel eyes twinkled. They actually twinkled just like all those romance novels said they do when the girl falls for the boy. He looked at me with intent before he made his next move. I was in a trance as he leaned in.

And there it was, our first kiss, there were no fireworks in the sky, no time freezing moment, no one even released the white doves. But what did happen was how my heart felt like it was gonna burst out of my chest n do the conga dance. The way my stomach felt like it was suddenly flipped inside out and the way it was safe to say I wasn’t sure if my knees were still where they were supposed to be. Traitorous body parts.

I held my composure. I was not about to let him know how much this affected me. I had a reputation to hold up.

“I can live with that.” There was that sexy smirk on his face again. I was screwed, and I didn’t even know it. Damn.

Faith. He said it was faith. I had broken up with my boyfriend the semester before exams. Vaughn had stalked me as I so nicely put it and simply waited for the right opportunity to approach. A lion and I was the gazelle. Or so he thought.

I had agreed to be friends. Took his number but never had any intention of using it, but how lovely had Faith been to dictate otherwise.

The Universe Knew It….

I couldn’t find it, I knew I had written it down somewhere. I had gone through my bag, my jeans and found tons of little pages with scribbles on them. Obviously I wasn’t doing a good job at keeping in contact with anyone. I had been searching a good 20 minutes until I found what I thought was Anna’s number. I needed to know what I had missed for the project that was due on Monday. This was my final year in high school and I was hell bent on keeping my grades all A’s. I couldn’t figure out which was which, so I decided to just call everyone to figure it out, starting with this one on an old bus ticket, weird because I never took the bus.

“Hello?” I felt nervous. My stomach told me this was the wrong number.

“Yes?” That voice confirmed it.

“Umm, sorry wrong number, but may I ask who is this?” I had to get these numbers straight somehow, even though I think I knew exactly who was on the other end of the line.

“You called me, identify yourself first” the male’s voice sounded a bit irritated.

I sighed. I disliked having conversations like this.

“This is Bria, I had your number written down without a name, so….” I trailed off waiting for his response.

“Ah, Bria” I could just hear the cocky smirk in his voice. I sighed.

“Yes, Bria, now who is this?” I was annoyed.

I was always easily annoyed and I realized taking to him was sending my annoyance levels off the chart. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but there was just something about this guy that made me feel uneasy, unsure of myself just a little. That never happens. Bria Callahan was very sure of herself.

“This is the guy your going to fall in love with.”

I had immediately ended the phone call.

Not that he didn’t call back two seconds after, I was in such a trance that when the phone rang, it startled me, but those words felt too surreal, almost like he casted a spell on me.

The universe knew that’s exactly what he did.

6 thoughts on “A Dying Love (Chapter 3)

  1. Well written! Love the description, allowed me to really create the scene in my head. Going to read the others now lol


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