A Dying Love (Chapter 2)

A million thoughts were running through her head. She couldn’t understand. In the blink of an eye, everything changed, everyone changed. She swiped at her tear stained cheeks angrily, she snifled. “Oh great” she muttered. She was getting sick. She listened to the angry roar of the rain outside, peered around her dark cold room and cuddled deeper within her blankets. The deeper she went, the more it rained, the harder the memories came flooding in. Thunder. Lightening. One painful raindrop after another until suddenly she was transported back to the first time she wished she could forget. No more fighting it, the words bounced and echoed around her mind’s walls. She inhaled, it was as if her last breath, and succumbed to the scene playing in her mind’s eye.

After All….

I knew it wouldn’t have worked out. Three years, and all I had felt for him most was appreciation. I loved him, but it just didn’t feel like the love everyone went crazy for. I always felt there should be…more? After I broke up with him, I felt no remorse. I never called him, never even gave my decision a second thought. I was always a tough cookie, plus he thought since we were dating for 3 years I should have been sharing my cookie with him if you know what I mean.

I was only 17, but I knew what I wanted. Love. A total contradiction to what I’d say if you asked, I was beginning to wonder of this love crap was real or just a figment of the imagination grown ups made to help themselves to sleep better at night. I knew I was still young, if it was real, it would come. Patience wasn’t my strongest quality but, I’d wait, I knew this wasn’t to be rushed.

After realizing that the man I thought I loved and I was unevenly yoked, I broke it off. What was the point in continuing a relationship like that. I certainly wasn’t going to pretend. Maybe it was too many romance novels. Maybe I had way too many expectations.

“Earth to Bria”. Vaughn waved his hand over my face.

I stared at him, blank. I wasn’t sure what he had said.

“I missed that, go again” I licked my lips, his eyes followed them.

“There’s gonna be a concert, will you go with me? ” He visibly looked unsure.

I already knew I’d go but I paused, just for dramatic effect.

“Are you asking me to go with you or is this supposed to be some kind of date?” I pouted for an even more dramatic effect.

“You would go on a date with me?” He looked surprised, those brown eyes went wide.

Ha, I had him exactly where I wanted him.

“Before you say a word” I put two fingers to his lips.

“I expect nothing less than dinner before the concert. I expect a full fledged date.” I folded my arms and waited to hear what he had to say about that.

“I wasn’t offering anything less.” He smirked.

Oh no, what had I just gotten myself into…..