XO A Dying Love (Chapter 1)


Chapter 1: The Beginning of The End

June 2, 2005

I knew he wanted me. From the twinkling of his hazel eyes, to his dimple creased smirk. He ran his eyes appreciatively over my body. I mentally rolled my eyes. I knew I was attractive, everyone seemed to say it these days. I knew it, but that doesn’t mean I saw it. I woke up to the same little face, I looked too young to be even be considered 15. I was going to be stuck looking like a 12 year old . I never understood the attention I had begun to attract from the other sex and quite frankly, I was not amused. Until now that is. I felt it. A spark. If I hadn’t been as observant as I was I might have missed it. I looked at his hand held towards me. He wasn’t serious, was he?

“Hi, I’m Vaughn” he looked straight in my eyes.

I blinked, well this is awkward.

“Bria” I said slowly, raising a brow. He smiled, a genuine heart stopping smile.

He still had his hand outstretched. Slowly I took it. There it was, spark. His smile grew even wider.

“Well, I guess u do learn supm’ new everyday” I muttered in a little Texan twang.

“Excuse me?” his face flashed a look of confusion. He still looked cute, even standing there looking lost. I let his hand go, he furrowed his brow, looked at his now empty hand then looked up and smiled.

“I said , nice meeting you” I smiled. Everyone already thought I was ‘spoilt and stuck up’.

“Bria, your beautiful” I rolled my eyes visibly for him to see this time. Yup, another one. “Thanks, I’ll pass on the compliment to my parents”. I knew exactly what was coming next and had my script ready for occasions like these.

“Oh, this is my cousin, Roger, or do you already know each other? he smiled innocently. “Well don’t just stand there, say hello Roger” he spoke impatiently to his cousin. I hadn’t noticed him before, didn’t know him either, didn’t expect to. I rarely knew or spoke to anyone.

” I know you” Roger said. I looked at him, I knew him? I searched my brain for an inclination of some sort. Nothing.

” I mean, I’ve seen, never spoken to you though” he trailed off. I figured as much.

“Nice meeting you” I said politely. He looked baffled. “So…” Vaughn interjected. “So…” I raised my brow. “Can I get to know u?”. He looked nervous, how cute. Wait, I just found him cute again, sirens were going off. Stick to the script! I mentally slapped myself. I had a boyfriend. “You already know my name, what more do you want?” I quipped, knowing his next move.

“May I have your number?” He smiled confidently, dimples fully displayed. I mustered the biggest brightest smile I could “No”. His face fell. There’s that cute look of confusion. Mental slap again. I need to get out of here. “Anyways gentlemen, t’was nice meeting you both, have a nice night.” With that being said I left them both bewildered.

I felt strange though as I closed my front door, panic fleeted me, what if I never see him again. In an instant I felt regret, as soon as I looked down on my phone in hand that regret went as fast as it came. The message on my screen brought me back to reality. My boyfriend, yes my boyfriend.