XO The Good, The Bad and The Mean Green

I’ve been known to knock back a couple gross looking green smoothies and green juices while friends and family gag and scream in the background. I seriously enjoy telling someone what’s in my drink, why you ask? Because its fascinating. Oh, the facial expressions I get when I tell them the ingredients. You see, I’m a ‘juicehead’ as I call myself. Friends and family can attest to praying for me when I say hey its time for a Juice Fast or Reboot. I simply can’t understand how adults scold children to always eat their vegetables but when I, a grown woman say I drink my fruit and vegetables, I’m suddenly an alien.

If you were a coworker of mine you probably have had a sip or two of my green juices and can say hey, its not as bad as it looks. Well, except for that one time J.H. asked for a sip and almost passed out, just kidding, but it was pretty bad, too much Bok Choy that day; J.H. was certainly not ready for that one. Traumatized, J.H. was a juice causality but many others were brought into the light. I believe it is my duty to share my juicing knowledge with others and for the most part, they got it completely, until I told them exactly what I was doing. The Fasting Aspect.

Juice Fasting or Juice Cleansing is a very controversial topic still today. It consists of consuming juice from fruits and vegetables, ONLY. That’s right, there is nothing else when fasting, well other than herbal tea and water because you know, Water is Life . When one does a juice fast, its an entire body detox, the digestive system rests, you get the nutrients you need and those nutrients hit the blood stream immediately. Everyone cleanses for different reasons, biggest reason I know all too well, the weight loss.

Losing weight by juice fasting has a few Xs and Os, it has been said losing 5lbs in 5 days is unhealthy, my logic, if you drank the 64-128oz and ‘juice a rainbow’, that’s fat you didn’t need. I personally try to follow the 80/20 rule when juicing, that’s 80% vegetables, 20% fruit. I once read a quote that said, “A quarter of what you eat keeps you alive, the other three quarters keeps your doctor alive”. That quote has stuck with me for years. I’ve really found that people really do underestimate the body and how well it is able to just do its thing. Juicers have been using this method to heal numerous ailments such as chronic pain, depression, autoimmune diseases and even cancer, you heard me, cancer.  If used correctly, juice fasting can be a beautiful way to take control of your life and your health. So, I wonder if you knew juicing could do all this, in the words of Lauryn Hill; ‘It could all be so simple, but you’d rather make it hard’.

I know its hard to commit to drinking only fruit and vegetables but think about it, what do you have to lose? I once tried to convince JoJo to do a juice fast but she hit me with the “Unless I can juice some chicken, fish or pork, Issa NO from me”. I get that a lot. I get it, I get it, juicing isn’t for everyone and the sacrifice of giving up what you are used to isn’t too appealing. You might be wondering well, how did XOMzMieann get into juicing? The answer is simple, I am always sick. If there is a flu to be caught, I’d be the first in line to catch it. You name it, I am allergic to it. Until I found juicing, I felt absolutely hopeless, my immune system was just as frail as Donald Trump’s toupee. With having done several rounds of juice fasting my immune system is now steady and A ok today. Just today, I was able to visit the park with all the flowers and dirt with Spring full in swing. Juice Power XOs, Juice Power.

You know its coming, of course I am going to give you 5 Xs and Os if you want to take on a juice fast. I wouldn’t be XOMzMieann if I didn’t.

Introduction To Juice Fasting 101 


1. Drink your fill.

A common thought is, if I don’t eat, I’ll be hungry, wrong, if you drink your freshly juiced juice you’ll be fine and guess what, the limit does not exist. That’s right XOs, there is no limit on drinking your juices, anywhere from 64- 128 oz. (8-16 cups) of juice should fill you right up and even with that you can still go beyond 16 cups if you feel like you can fill your tank up even more.

vegetable-juices-1725835_960_720.jpg2. Don’t Be Scared To Experiment

Your best shot at a juice fast is making the experience as fun as possible and figuring out your blends is the best part. Don’t stick to the regular stuff you are used to and comfortable with. Try to shake things up, else it’ll get boring really quick. I once thought of cabbage as a very weird thing to juice, turns out its pretty sweet with a little spicy kick at the end, truth be told it is very pleasant and quickly became one of my favorite things to juice, it also yields a lot of juice.

green-juice-769129_960_7203. The 80/20 Rule

Now, I know it may be tempting to but you shouldn’t just juice fruit, well you can but if you want to maximize all the benefits of a fast, the 80/20 rule is the way to go. This means 80 percent vegetables 20% fruit. As we know vegetables are the plant stuff, so we got those green leafy, the carrots, the beans, the potato, (you don’t know how interesting it was the first time I put a potato through my juicer, then again I’m easily fascinated by little things) you get the picture. Afterwards you add ur fruits. 80/20 rule.


4. Keep It Simple Silly

Doing a juice fast is kind of fancy if you think about it, so before you go all mad scientist, stop. Don’t overthink your juice combinations. The simple ones win, trust me. Plus when you haven’t put too many things in the mix you can easily identify what you do like from what you don’t. When you have mastered the Jedi tricks to simple juices, you can go full on mad scientist, yes grasshopper. I try to do a combination of 3 or 4 things; so 2 vegetables and one fruit.

detox-1995433_960_720.jpg5. Listen To Your Body

This is probably the most important tip I can give you, because if you do go down this path (after consulting with your doctor of course) you will have some days when you will just have to stop and listen to your body’s rhythm and reactions. Also, often times you get into the groove and you’re happily going along your way with your juice fast, no big deal right, you tell a friend and they suddenly burst into tears that they don’t want you to die (yes, this has happened to me, and they say I’m crazy) you just have to listen to your body, if you feel ok, then trust the process. You literally cannot die from not ‘eating’ and just juicing. I know several persons from my Juice Fasting Support Group who have done 100 days of juice fasting. Yep, One Hundred Days, some have gone even longer. Just listen to your body, it’ll tell you if its up to do it and how long it can go for.

Would you do a juice fast, or have you? How long do you think you’d go for? This topic is so fun for me as I am about to embark on a juice fast soon. Hopefully you want know more about the mean greens. Hey, a lil green has never hurt anybody, give it a try, you just may like it.



4 thoughts on “XO The Good, The Bad and The Mean Green

  1. Iā€™m rolling on the floor laugh at these two lines:
    ā€¦. until you can juice chicken, fish or pork, Issa No for me
    ā€¦.As frail as Donald trump toupee
    Definitely a good read, might even attempt to do a juice cleanse, lol MIGHT!?!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Arghhhh… do you do that šŸ˜® 80% veg and 20% fruits :o…..that’s 100% healthy for the body, true but the taste! Tho, I take lots of fruit juice everytime but never heard of the veg part. I’ll have to try that; even if it doesn’t look like it’s gonna taste great :(. Thanks, I learnt a new recipe I’ll be trying, only because it’s healthy šŸ˜‰


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