XO The Kinda Etiquette Necessary (well, maybe not so much)


Have you ever been to a really fancy event and felt incredibly out of place? Do you have the kind friends who you consider ‘proper’? You know, those friends who are well travelled, speak a bunch of languages, they never put their elbows on the dining table and are just always up to date on current affairs. Now, really not all of those are examples of proper etiquette, according to Etiquette is a code of polite conduct. If you practice proper etiquette, you are less likely to offend or annoy people — and you may even charm them”. Now for those of you who didn’t attend debutant school, have never heard of Etiquette classes, let me just say; I gots you.

Today while having a bit of broth I realized there are some things I do unconsciously that may be seen as proper etiquette, and for a second I remembered countless times I was made fun of by my peers because of this. Just saying, if the Queen of England was to pop up and invite me to high tea; I stayed ready. Never did it ever dawn on me that these practices were not actually practiced by others. As a young lady of 5 I even remember curtsying, Xo I kid you not. I was one strange egg verbatim. I was also the very fluent English speaking child, I would die of embarrassment if an old interview (television or radio) should ever surface of me. Cringe worthy indeed but I digress. Over my last something something years there have been some things I simply cannot do away with, and XOMzMieann is definitely gonna share them with you. Here are 5 Xs & Os: The Kinda Etiquette Necessary, well maybe not so necessary, but indeed nice to know just in case you want to be fancy.

Do You Know Your Spoon?


  • While eating porridge or drinking soup, there are actually different ways to use the spoon for this. It never quite left me after I learned this ‘P (The point of the spoon) is for porridge, S (The Side of the spoon) is for soup.

Even in 2017 a spoon is literally used for everything, nobody really expects you to really follow such rule. There are actually 16 different types of spoons, all for different uses. I really don’t think my generation realizes that though. I have visited several persons and have gotten almost all 16 spoons each time. I guess to many a spoon is just a spoon and for most, it all is just to be pushed in the mouth in its entirety.

The Introduction.


  • Now this one is a combination of things. First thing first, make eye contact with the person you are introducing yourself or someone else to. Speak clearly, there is no point in having to repeat. If you are introducing someone else remember, use titles:” May I introduce or I’d like to introduce Mr. & Mrs. Smith.” I literally introduce my fiancé as Mr. Xo.

I find that in 2017 we pretty much don’t introduce ourselves nor others anymore, its pretty much that we are all just social media friends and someone’s cousins. Conversations usually go something like, “Hey, you know Becky right, she followed you on Twitter and reposted that funny meme you tweeted.” Also, Mom and Dad is simply Mom and Dad. Unless its an interview, introductions are kind of rare.

Lets Shake On it


  • After an introduction is made its usually followed by a handshake, if you have a good handshake, you my friend have won. Its always said a good handshake can make you or break you. Handshakes say a lot. No sweaty palms, a firm grip, not too tight now and once again make eye contact. Its proper etiquette to start off things with a good handshake. 2 or 3 pumps for a handshake please.

I realized like many others the handshake thing isn’t for me though.  Germophobe, just a little bit. I also always have a bottle of hand sanitizer close by. In 2017 though, I think most persons have left the handshakes in the past, most times we just all seem to settle for the awkward hi wave. You know after our very awkward introductions or sometimes, lack thereof, comes an even more awkward wave while saying “Hi”

Should I Bring Wine or Cake?


  • Lets say you RSVP to your friend’s dinner party, wedding or baby shower. It is completely unacceptable to show up empty handed. Use discretion when selecting a gift, you don’t want to offend your host. I say, if its a dinner party, wine is your best bet. Just stay within your budget please.

I can’t begin to tell you how many persons don’t do this. Just stop. Stop.

Men, To The Left


  • Gentlemen, you should always be to the right of a lady when walking. if you are in Jamaica that’s on her left side. All this really means is that the woman should be on the side protected from danger. So, walking down the road, the lady must be away from the curb. The only exception to that rule is Age before Beauty.

Guys, now this one is manly on you. It is said men are natural born protectors. You have to show that chivalry plus proper etiquette are not dead. This is one of the very things I personally look out for in the opposite sex. Mr. XO can almost always be seen on my right side. I am his right hand though.



2322555-16105-R3L8T8D-650-EtiquetteSite-650-a542d8629a-1484652292Just in case you didn’t know, the illustration is the real deal. Good waiters are supposed to know these utensil signs. So the next time you are at a restaurant, give em’ a try and see.

Those are the just a few things I thought XO you need to know. Do you know of any others? Lets here them.